Cookies Policy


A cookie can be generally defined as a piece of data which is stored on a client's electronic device (i.e. computer, phone, tablet, etc) which can identify information about that specific client.

HostWithLove makes use of both session identifier cookies and persistent cookies. Session identifier cookies are cookies that expire when you close your browser and do not remain on your computer. Persistent cookies are cookies which are stored long term on your computer for a period specific in the code.

The purpose of using these cookies (whether session identifier cookies or persistent cookies) is meant to streamline our interaction with you in order to provide a better user experience.

By using HostWithLove's services, you are agreeing to the overall acceptance of our Privacy Policy and therefore HostWithLove's use of cookies.

Below are some examples of the cookies generated by HostWithLove, their type, as well as the purpose each of them serves. Please take note that the following list may not be exhaustive:

a. PHPSESSID - This is the most common cookie that most PHP based websites will use. It is used to store the unique session ID for each visitor and enables variables to be remembered and passed between page loads. This is mainly used for keeping track of user input and progression through the shopping cart. Since this is a session only cookie, it will expire as soon as the browser is closed.

b. UID/PW - These two cookies are used for the "Remember Me" functionality of our client area. They are only generated if you check the "Remember Me" option when logging into our Client Area. The purpose of this cookie is to ensure that your login is remembered and you do not have to re-login every time you visit our website. These two cookies are persistent and will last for 365 days, unless you logout of our Client Area.

c. AffiliateID - This cookie gets set if you had been referred to us by one of our affiliates. The purpose of this cookie is to store the ID of the affiliate that referred you to us, so that if you place an order within the next 90 days following the referral, the affiliate will get credited for it. This cookie is persistent and will last for 90 days.

At any time if you would prefer to remove these persistent cookies, you are free to review your browser's documentations to gather the instructions necessary to remove any persistent cookies related to HostWithLove.