24/7 Stellar Support

Non-outsourced and personalized support that is like a breath of fresh air.


Available 24/7/365

We have staffs working around the clock, even during festive seasons. This means someone is always available to provide assistance to you, no matter when you need help.

Best Effort Support

There are many tasks involved in managing a website which often require a lot of technical expertise. Unfortunately, most hosting companies do not always provide assistance for such tasks and will inform you that these tasks are beyond their scope of support, leaving you helpless. For example this can involve patching of an exploited website which can cost a lot if you were to look for a third party to assist you with it. Our Best Effort Support Department was set up to ensure that you are never left helpless in such situations. We will do our best to solve any problem that you have with your website, even if the problem isn't something traditionally covered by Technical Support. We have been known to even help find issues within code if necessary.

When you host your website with us, you are getting more than just a hosting provider - you are getting a hosting company who truly cares about your website.

Fast Resolution Times

Many of our competitors pride their service on fast response times and some even guarantee a response within a certain duration. However more often than not, there is a trade-off in the form of poorer support quality - their staffs do not read your support ticket thoroughly because they are being pressured to respond quickly and as a result they often miss out answering certain parts of your query. In the end, while you may get a faster response time, the actual resolution time for a simple problem is going to be much longer because you end up exchanging a lot more responses with them.

At HostWithLove, you can be assured this will not be the case. We were founded with one core value in mind: To provide the best client service available. We are not going to guarantee you a response within a certain duration, but we are going to guarantee you that every part of your ticket will be answered in full and in most cases your ticket will be resolved within the very first response we provide. This not only expedites resolution time but also keeps you informed of what is happening.

In-house Staffs

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource our support to another company. All our staffs are trained in-house and fully understand our server configurations. Hence, you will never run into the situation whereby support is delayed due to staffs not understanding the server configurations.